Brayns  0.3.0
Hardware Agnostic Ray-Tracer
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAbstractManipulatorBase class for camera manipulators
 CAbstractParametersBase class defining command line parameters
 CAbstractRendererImplements a base renderer for all Brayns custom implementations
 CAbstractSimulationHandlerHandles simulation frames for the current circuit
 CApplicationParametersManages application parameters
 CBraynsBrayns is a minimalistic library that allows optimized ray-tracing rendering of meshes and parametric geometry
 CCADiffusionSimulationHandlerHandles simulation frames for Calcium diffusion
 CCameraCamera object
 CDirectionalLightDirectional light
 CEngineAbstract implementation of the ray-tracing engine
 CEngineFactoryThe engine factory is in charge of instanciating engines according to their name (ospray, optix or firerays)
 CExtensionPluginDefines the abstract representation of an extension plug-in
 CExtensionPluginFactoryManages plug-ins such as Deflect Streamer or HTTP server
 CFlyingModeManipulatorDefines a flying mode camera manipulator, like in a flight simulator
 CGeometryParametersManages geometry parameters
 CHistogramThe Histogram struct contains the range as well as the values of the simulation histogram for a given simulation frame, determined by the frame
 CImageManagerUses the ImageMagick++ libray to manipulate images
 CInspectCenterManipulatorCamera manipulator to rotate and zoom around a central point
 CLightLight object
 CMeshLoaderLoads meshes from files using the assimp library
 CMetaballsGeneratorGenerated a mesh according to given set of metaballs
 CMolecularSystemReaderLoads proteins and meshes according to parameters defined in a Molecular System Configuration file
 CMorphologyLayoutDefines how morphologies should be organized in space when the layout mode is selected
 COptiXCameraOptiX specific camera
 COptiXEngineOptiX implementation of the ray-tracing engine
 COptiXFrameBufferOptiX specific frame buffer
 COptiXRendererOptiX specific renderer
 COptiXSceneOptiX specific scene
 COSPRayCameraOPSRAY specific camera
 COSPRayEngineOSPRay implementation of the ray-tracing engine
 COSPRaySceneOSPRray specific scene
 CParametersManagerClass managing all parameters registered by the application
 CPointLightPoint light object
 CProgressA class which tracks and reports progress of an operation/execution
 CProgressReporterA base class for any loader who wishes to report progress during loading operations
 CProteinLoaderLoads protein from PDB files
 CProximityRendererThe ProximityRenderer uses an algorithm similar to ambient occlusion to identify touches between geometries
 CRenderingParametersManages rendering parameters
 CRocketsPluginThe RocketsPlugin is in charge of exposing a both an http/REST interface to the outside world
 CSceneScene object
 CSceneLoaderLoads meshes according to given positions in space
 CSpikeSimulationHandlerHandles simulation frames for the current circuit
 CTransferFunctionLoaderLoads transfer function from text file where every line contains a space separated list of integers for the following attributes: red: 0..1 value for the RGBA red component green: 0..1 value for the RGBA green component blue: 0..1 value for the RGBA blue component alpha: 0..1 value for the RGBA alpha component defining the opacity of the surface
 CVersionInformation about the current brayns version
 CVolumeHandlerVolumeHandler object
 CVolumeDescriptorHandles the attribute of a single volume
 CClippedPerspectiveCameraImplements a clipped perspective camera