Brion  1.7.0
The Blue Brain C++ I/O library
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNbrainAlgorithmic interface to Blue Brain data model
|oNneuronHigh-level interface to neuron morphologies
||oCMorphologyWrapper around brion::Morphology with higher level functions
||oCSectionA class to represent a morphological section
||\CSomaA class to represent a neuron soma
|oCCircuitRead access to a circuit database
|\CVersionInformation about the current Brain version
oNbrionBlue Brain File IO classes
|oCBlueConfigRead access to a BlueConfig or CircuitConfig file
|oCCircuitRead access to a Circuit file
|oCCompartmentReportRead & write access to a CompartmentReport
|oCCompartmentReportInitDataBasic plugin init data for CompartmentReportPlugin
|oCCompartmentReportPluginBase interface for compartment report readers and writers
|oCMeshRead & write access to a Mesh file
|oCMorphologyRead & write access to a Morphology file
|oCMorphologyInitDataBasic plugin init data for MorphologyPlugin
|oCMorphologyPluginBase interface for morphology readers plugins
|oCPluginInitDataBasic plugin init data for Brion plugin classes
|oCSpikeReportRead access to a SpikeReport
|oCSpikeReportPluginBase interface for spike report readers plugins
|oCSynapseRead access to a Synapse file
|oCSynapseSummaryRead access to a Synapse summary file
|oCTargetRead access to a Target file
|\CVersionInformation about the current Brion version
\NenumsEnumeration definitions