Deflect  0.10.2
A fast C++ library for streaming pixels and events
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CQmlStreamerBased on
 CAbstractCommandHandlerThe base interface for Command handlers
 CCommandString format, prefix-base network command
 CCommandHandlerA command handler for String formatted network commands
 CEventA user event within a window
 CEventReceiverInterface for classes to register as receivers for events
 CFrameA frame for a PixelStream
 CFrameDispatcherGather segments from multiple sources and dispatch full frames
 CImageWrapperA simple wrapper around an image data buffer
 CMTQueueThread-safe multiple producer, multiple consumer queue
 CSegmentImage data and parameters for a single segment of a PixelStream
 CSegmentDecoderDecode a Segment's image asynchronously
 CSegmentParametersParameters for a Frame Segment
 CServerListen to incoming PixelStream connections from Stream clients
 CSizeHintsA struct that contains hints about minimum, maximum and preferred sizes of a streamer which can be interpreted by the stream server accordingly
 CStreamStream visual data to a deflect::Server
 CVersionInformation about the current Deflect version
 CVersionInformation about the current DeflectQt version