Deflect  0.12.1
A fast C++ library for streaming pixels and events

Deflect 0.12

0.12.1 (01-02-2017)

  • 147: Improved handling of network protocol updates. Future updates should be possible without breaking any client/server based on this release. Deflect server: better reporting of JPEG decompression errors.
  • 146: Unified the command line options and help message of applications.
  • 145: DesktopStreamer: new slider to adjust the JPEG quality in advanced settings.

0.12.0 (09-12-2016)

  • 143: The non-functional Servus dependency has been removed.
  • 142: The DesktopStreamer app uses the full user name as the default stream name.
  • 139: OSX: AppNap is now disabled for all QmlStreamers. The AppNapSuspender class is also available in Deflect library for use in external applications.
  • 137: Deflect Qt: the offscreen Qml view used by the Qml streamer is available as a separate class.
  • 133: QmlStreamer: Use asynchronous rendering, add deflect::qt::QmlStreamer::useAsyncSend() to enable asynchronous image streaming (off by default).
  • 130: Replaced boost by C++11. Boost is now an optional dependency and it is used only by the tests. Some API changes were introduced by this change.
  • 129: Cleared Deflect from boost::serialization that was used exclusively by Tide.
  • 128: New events for transmitting all touch points in addition to existing gestures:
    • Gives the ability to handle more than one touch point in applications (e.g. draw with multiple fingers on a whiteboard).
    • Simplifies integration for applications that natively handle multitouch events, like Qml-based ones.
    • DeflectQt uses a new TouchInjector class for sending touch events to Qt (moved from Tide). In addition:
    • A new pinch event was added. Clients of Tide >= 1.2 have to adapt their code to use it instead of wheel events, which are no longer sent.
    • Minor additions to the simplestreamer demo application.
  • 126: DesktopStreamer: The list of default hosts can be configured using the CMake variable DEFLECT_DESKTOPSTREAMER_HOSTS.
  • 124: QmlStreamer: Users can now interact with WebGL content in a WebEngineView and no longer risk opening a system context menu with a long press (prevent crashes in certain offscreen applications).
  • 123: QmlStreamer is now compatible with Qml WebEngineView items. Users must call QtWebEngine::initialize() in their QApplication before creating the stream. To receive keyboard events, the objectName property of a WebEngineView must be set to "webengineview". QmlStreamer also exposes the Stream::sendData() function and swipe gestures are available in Qml from a "deflectgestures" context property.
  • 119: Added deflect::Stream::sendData() to allow sending user-defined information to the deflect::Server.
  • 118: New "pan" event for multi-finger pan gestures.
  • 117: Fix several issues with stream connection / disconnection [DISCL-375]
  • 115: Bugfix for possible endless loop of warnings in ServerWorker::_flushSocket(): "QAbstractSocket::waitForBytesWritten() is not allowed in UnconnectedState"
  • 114: QmlStreamer: added support for keyboard events

Deflect 0.11

0.11.1 (30-06-2016)

  • 112: DesktopStreamer improvements:
    • new "view" menu to show advanced options (stream id, fps), hidden by default
    • the experimental multi-window streaming on OSX can be selected at runtime through the view menu (no longer a CMake option)
    • improved resizing policy of the main window

0.11.0 (17-06-2016)

  • 111: DesktopStreamer: bugfix; stop streaming when the server closes the stream and the "remote control" option was not enabled.
  • 110: DesktopStreamer: Support for streaming multiple windows on OSX disabled by default, can be enabled with cmake -DDESKTOPSTREAMER_ENABLE_MULTIWINDOW=ON.
  • 106: DesktopStreamer: Rename 'interaction' -> 'remote control', off by default.
  • 103: DesktopStreamer: prevent AppNap of being re-enabled automatically
  • 102: DeflectQt: Continue rendering & streaming after updates for a while to compensate for running animations, fix spurious missing event handling
  • 101: DesktopStreamer: windows that are streamed independently are activated (i.e. sent to the foreground) before applying an interaction event. The mouse cursor is now rendered only on active windows or desktop.
  • 100: QmlStreamer: correcly quit application when stream is closed.
  • 99: Fix incomplete socket send under certain timing conditions
  • 98: Streams can be constructed based on the DEFLECT_ID and DEFLECT_HOST ENV_VARs.
  • 97: DesktopStreamer: the list of windows available for streaming is also updated after a window has been hidden or unhidden.
  • 94: Removed legacy SendCommand functionality from Stream to Server. It was only used internally by the old Tide Dock streamer and never meant to be public.
  • 93: Minor fixes for the Qml stream API:
    • Cleanup size handling, allow programmatic resizing of root Qml item
    • Do not send a size hints event if none were set by the user

Deflect 0.10

0.10.1 (01-04-2016)

  • 79: DesktopStreamer: Grid-view like layout in apps listview

0.10.0 (07-03-2016)

  • 79: DesktopStreamer: Support multi-window streaming on OS X, fix mouse event handling for retina devices, fix crash on stream close from DisplayCluster
  • 76: DesktopStreamer: Try to recover from streaming errors

Deflect 0.9

0.9.1 (03-12-2015)

  • 66: DesktopStreamer: Fix memleaks with app streaming on OSX
  • 66: DesktopStreamer: Use current hostname if manually typed w/o pressing 'Enter'

0.9.0 (17-11-2015)

  • 65: QmlStreamer: New 'streamname' command line option.
  • 64: QmlStreamer: Fix event forwarding, implement wheel event support
  • 60: Improved DesktopStreamer: removed selection rectangle, editable list of stream hostnames

Deflect 0.8

0.8.0 (04-11-2015)

  • Added DeflectQt library to create QML applications which render offscreen and stream and receive events via Deflect
  • Added deflect::Stream::sendSizeHints()
  • Added MTQueue class, moved from DisplayCluster
  • Fix 54: ZeroConf discovery in DesktopStreamer uses hostname instead of instance name
  • Fix interaction with DesktopStreamer on OSX where one click resulted in two clicks
  • Fix 45: Mouse position for DesktopStreamer is rendered correctly on Retina displays
  • Fix: send compressed JPEG images from correct thread, might fix crashes/hangs
  • Fix: ZeroConf record for server announces hostname instead of (wrong) port

Deflect 0.7

0.7.2 (03-09-2015)

  • Add 'About' dialog to learn current used version
  • Fix bundle generation on OSX, broken after 0.6.1

0.7.1 (01-09-2015)

  • Fixed rare crash or hang together with stream and interaction

0.7.0 (19-08-2015)

  • Added EVT_TAP_AND_HOLD EventType

Deflect 0.6

0.6.1 (13-07-2015)

  • DesktopStreamer: Minor fixes for desktop interaction, only show checkbox on supported platforms (OSX)
  • DesktopStreamer OSX: zip the application for Puppet deployment

0.6.0 (28-06-2015)

  • Many classes of the Server part have been renamed
  • Various API fixes
  • Project-wide codestyle cleanup

Deflect 0.5

0.5.1 (12-05-2015)

  • Streamers can register for events immediately, without waiting for the DisplayCluster host to have opened a window
  • Desktopstreamer supports autodiscovery of DisplayCluster hosts using Zeroconf
  • Add interaction from the Wall with the DesktopStreamer host (Mac OS X only)

Deflect 0.4

0.4.1 (24-04-2015)

  • DesktopStreamer properly handles AppNap on OSX 10.9.
  • DesktopStreamer detects Retina displays automatically (no retina checkbox).

0.4.0 (07-01-2015)

  • First release, based on the DisplayCluster 0.4 dcStream library