Deflect  0.12.1
A fast C++ library for streaming pixels and events
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 COffscreenQuickViewAn offscreen Qt Quick window, similar to a QQuickView
 CQmlStreamerBased on
 CQuickRendererRenders the QML scene from the given window using QQuickRenderControl onto the surface of the window or to an offscreen surface
 CTouchInjectorInject complete QTouchEvent from separate touch added/updated/removed events
 CEventA user event within a window
 CEventReceiverInterface for classes to register as receivers for events
 CFrameA frame for a PixelStream
 CFrameDispatcherGather segments from multiple sources and dispatch full frames
 CImageWrapperA simple wrapper around an image data buffer
 CMTQueueThread-safe multiple producer, multiple consumer queue
 CSegmentImage data and parameters for a single segment of a PixelStream
 CSegmentDecoderDecode a Segment's image asynchronously
 CSegmentParametersParameters for a Frame Segment
 CServerListen to incoming PixelStream connections from Stream clients
 CSizeHintsA struct that contains hints about minimum, maximum and preferred sizes of a streamer which can be interpreted by the stream server accordingly
 CStreamStream visual data to a deflect::Server
 CVersionInformation about the current Deflect version
 CVersionInformation about the current DeflectQt version