Deflect  0.12.1
A fast C++ library for streaming pixels and events

Welcome to Deflect, a C++ library for streaming pixels to other Deflect-based applications, for example Tide. Deflect offers a stable API marked with version 1.5 (for the client part).


Deflect provides the following functionality:

  • Stream pixels to a remote Server from one or multiple sources
  • Register for receiving events from the Server
  • Receive keyboard, mouse and multi-point touch gestures from the Server
  • Compressed or uncompressed streaming
  • Fast multi-threaded JPEG compression (using libjpeg-turbo)

DeflectQt (optional) provides the following additional functionality:

  • Create QML applications which render offscreen and stream and receive events via Deflect

The following applications are provided which make use of the streaming API:

  • DesktopStreamer: A small utility that lets you stream your desktop.
  • SimpleStreamer: A simple example to demonstrate streaming of an OpenGL application.
  • QmlStreamer (optional): An offscreen application to stream any given qml file.

Building from source

1 git clone
2 mkdir Deflect/build
3 cd Deflect/build
4 cmake -GNinja ..
5 ninja


To keep track of the changes between releases check the Changelog.


Deflect is a cross-platform library, designed to run on any modern operating system, including all Unix variants. Deflect uses CMake to create a platform-specific build environment. The following platforms and build environments are tested:

  • Linux: Ubuntu 16.04 and RHEL 6 (Makefile, Ninja; x64)
  • Mac OS X: 10.7 - 10.10 (Makefile, Ninja; x86_64)

The latest API documentation can be found on