Deflect  0.5.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAbstractCommandHandlerThe base interface for Command handlers
 CCommandString format, prefix-base network command
 CCommandHandlerA command handler for String formatted network commands
 CEventA user event within a window
 CEventReceiverInterface for classes to register as receivers for events
 CImageWrapperA simple wrapper around an image data buffer
 CNetworkListenerListen to incoming PixelStream connections from Stream clients
 CPixelStreamBufferBuffer PixelStreamSegments from (multiple) sources
 CPixelStreamDispatcherGather PixelStream Segments from multiple sources and dispatch the resulting full frames
 CPixelStreamFrameA frame for a PixelStream
 CPixelStreamSegmentImage data and parameters for a single segment of a PixelStream
 CPixelStreamSegmentDecoderDecode a PixelStreamSegment image data asynchronously
 CPixelStreamSegmentParametersParameters for a PixelStream Segment
 CSocketRepresent a communication Socket for the Stream Library
 CSourceBufferBuffer for a single source of segements
 CStreamStream visual data to a DisplayCluster application
 CVersionInformation about the current bbp version