Deflect  0.5.0
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Welcome to Deflect, a C++ library to develop applications that can send and receive pixel streams from other Deflect-based applications, for example DisplayCluster. Deflect offers a stable API marked with version 1.0 for the streaming part. The following applications are provided which make use of the streaming API:

  • DesktopStreamer: A small utility that lets you stream your desktop.
  • SimpleStreamer: A simple example to demonstrate streaming of an OpenGL application.

Please file a Bug Report if you find any other issue with this release.


git master

  • Add interaction from the Wall with the DesktopStreamer host (Mac OS X only)

Deflect 0.4

  • DesktopStreamer properly handles AppNap on OSX 10.9.
  • DesktopStreamer detects Retina displays automatically (no retina checkbox).
  • First release, based on the DisplayCluster 0.4 dcStream library