DisplayCluster  0.3.0
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This document describes the basic structure and provides pointers to auxilary documentation.

Directory Layout

  • CMake: subdirectory included using git externals. See below for details.
  • src: Contains the main libraries of the project:
    • core: The core library.
    • dcWebservice: Accepts external commands through the FastCGI protocol.
    • dcstream: Enables streaming pixel content from external applications.
  • apps: Applications delivered with the project.
    • DesktopStreamer: A small utility based on dcstream that lets you stream your desktop.
    • DisplayCluster: The main application.
    • LocalStreamer: Used by DisplayCluster to generate content from separate processes (sandboxing).
    • SimpleStreamer: A simple example application which uses the dcstream library.
  • tests: Unit tests
  • doc: Doxygen and other documentation.


The top-level CMakeLists is relatively simple due to the delegation of details into the CMake external. It starts with the project setup which defines the project name and includes the CMake/common git external.


All BBP projects rely on a common CMake repository which provides sensible defaults for compilation, documentation and packaging. It is integrated as a CMake/common subtree as described in the Readme.

Unit tests

Unit tests are very important. Take a look at the coverage report.