DisplayCluster  0.6.0
A collaborative software for driving large display walls
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAsciiToQtKeyCodeMapperMap Ascii key codes to Qt key codes
 CAsyncImageLoaderLoad image thumbnails for supported content types
 CCommandLineOptionsCommand line options to pass startup parameters to a localstreamer application
 CConfigurationManages all the settings needed by a DisplayCluster application
 CContentAn abstract Content displayed in a ContentWindow
 CContentActionA content-specific action for use in QML by ContentActionsModel
 CContentActionsModelExposes the actions of a Content for viewing in a QML ListView
 CContentInteractionDelegateHandle user interaction with the Content of a ContentWindow
 CContentItemRender a Content in Qml
 CContentLoaderHelper class to open Content on a DisplayGroup
 CContentWindowA window for displaying Content on the Wall
 CContentWindowControllerController for moving and resizing windows
 CCoordinatesExposes the coordinates of a rectangle as QProperties for QML binding
 CDisplayGroupA collection of ContentWindows
 CDisplayGroupAdapterAdapter class for DisplayGroup with virtual methods for unit testing
 CDisplayGroupRendererRenders a DisplayGroup
 CDockToolbarA Toolbar for the Dock
 CDoubleTapGestureRecognizerGesture recognizer for a doubletap gesture
 CDrawableAn abstract drawable object that can be rendered using a QPainter
 CDynamicTextureA dynamically loaded large scale image
 CDynamicTextureContentThe Content object for a dynamically loaded large scale image
 CElapsedTimerSimple timer to mesures time differences
 CFFMPEGFrameA frame of an FFMPEG movie
 CFFMPEGMovieRead and play movies using the FFMPEG library
 CFFMPEGPictureA frame of an FFMPEG movie with picture data allocated
 CFFMPEGVideoFrameConverterConverts FFMPEG's AVFrame format to a data buffer of user-defined format
 CFFMPEGVideoStreamA video stream from an FFMPEG file
 CFileCommandHandlerHandle file Commands
 CFpsRendererDisplays rendering performance using an FpsCounter
 CGLQuadA simple OpenGL textured quad
 CGLTexture2DA 2D GLTexture object
 CGLUtilsOpenGL utility functions
 CGLWindowAn OpenGL widget used by WallWindows to render contents with OpenGL
 CLayoutEngineLayout engine for positionning windows on the wall
 CMarkerA marker to represent touch points
 CMarkerRendererRenderer for Marker objects
 CMarkersStore Markers to display user interaction
 CMasterConfigurationManages all the parameters needed to setup the Master process
 CMasterFromWallChannelReceiving channel from the wall processes to the master application
 CMasterToWallChannelSending channel from the master application to the wall processes
 CMPIChannelHandle MPI communications between all DisplayCluster instances
 CMPIContextA global MPI context
 CMultiTouchListenerListen to TUIO events and transmit the touch points to a target QGraphicsView
 COptionsStores global display Options which can change during runtime
 CPanGestureThis class defines a pan gesture
 CPanGestureRecognizerGesture recognizer for a pan gesture
 CPinchGestureThis class defines a pinch gesture
 CPinchGestureRecognizerGesture recognizer for a pinch gesture
 CPixelStreamDecompress, upload and render the segments of a PixelStream
 CPixelStreamerInterface for Pixel Streamers
 CPixelStreamerFactoryFactory for PixelStreamers
 CPixelStreamerLauncherLaunch Pixel Streamers as separate processes
 CPixelStreamInteractionDelegateForward user actions to a deflect::Stream using Deflect events
 CPixelStreamSegmentRendererRender a single PixelStream Segment
 CPixelStreamUpdaterSynchronize the update of PixelStreams and send new frame requests
 CPixelStreamWindowManagerHandles window creation, association and updates for pixel streamers, both local and external
 CProbeResultThe result of an MPIChannel::probe() operation
 CQmlWindowRendererProvide a Qml representation of a ContentWindow on the Wall
 CRenderableAn abstract renderable object
 CRenderContextA render context composed of multiple GL windows
 CRenderControllerSetup the scene and control the rendering options during runtime
 CSegmentQml Wrapper for a PixelStream segment parameters
 CSessionCommandHandlerHandle session Commands
 CStateA state is the collection of opened contents which can be saved and restored using this class
 CStatePreviewA state preview is a thumbnail image saved alongside a state file
 CStateSerializationHelperHelper class to store the current session to a state file and restore it later
 CSVGTextureDataHold texture FBO and region rendered
 CTestPatternRender a test pattern to help setup and debug the display configuration
 CTextInputDispatcherDispatch text input from the WebServiceServer thread to the active ContentWindow
 CTextInputHandlerHandle "/textinput" requests for the WebService
 CToolbarButtonA simple button for the DockToolbar
 CWallConfigurationManages all the parameters needed to setup a Wall process
 CWallContentA content to be rendered by Wall processes
 CWallFromMasterChannelReceiving channel from the master application to the wall processes
 CWallGraphicsSceneThe scene representing the whole wall area
 CWallToMasterChannelSending channel from a wall process to the master application
 CWallToWallChannelCommunication channel between the Wall processes
 CWebbrowserCommandHandlerHandle webbrowser Commands
 CWebkitAuthenticationHelperHandle HTTP authentication requests for a QWebView
 CWebkitHtmlSelectReplacerSubstitutes all <select> elements on a webpage by equivalent HTML lists
 CWebkitPixelStreamerStream webpages with user interaction support
 CWebServiceServerA Qt wrapper to run the dcWebservice::Server in a QThread
 CZoomInteractionDelegateHandle user interaction with a zoomable content