Livre  0.2.0
Livre ( Large-scale interactive volume rendering engine )
Release Notes


Livre is an out-of-core, multi-node, multi-gpu, OpenGL volume rendering engine to visualise large volumetric data sets.

Livre 0.2 is the first release of the tool. It can be retrieved by cloning the source code.


Livre provides the following major features to facilitate rendering of large volumetric data sets:

  • Visualisation of pre-processed UVF format ( source code ) volume data sets.
  • Real-time voxelisation and visualisation of surface meshes using OpenGL 4.2 extensions.
  • Real-time voxelisation and visualisation of blue brain morphologies.
  • Real-time voxelisation and visualisation of local-field potentials in BBP circuit.
  • Multi-node, multi-gpu rendering ( Currently only sort-first rendering )

New in this release

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New Features

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Bug Fixes

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Known Bugs

The following bugs were known at release time. Please file a Bug Report if you find any other issue with this release.

  • LIV-146: Segmentation fault if the octree depth is less than 3 levels.
  • LIV-157: Livre renders overlapping LOD nodes from different levels.


The following platforms and build environments are tested:

  • Linux: Ubuntu 14.04, RHEL 6.5 (Makefile, x64)

The API documentation can be found on