Livre  0.4.0
Largescale Interactive Volume Rendering Engine (Livre)
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAllocMemoryUnitShows an allocated memory pointer to keep track of memory consumption
 CConstMemoryUnitShows a memory pointer that is anywhere in memory
 CDeleteArrayHelper classes for shared_ptr objects
 CGLContextWarpper for different kinds of OpenGL contexts
 CGLSLShadersLoads vertex, fragment and geometry shaders with GLSL include directive support
 CLODNodeTo define spatial structure of a node in terms of world space, size and voxel dimensions
 CMemoryUnitBase class for carrying memory information
 CNodeIdIdentifier for the octee LOD nodes
 CNoMemoryUnitMemoryUnit holding no data at all
 CRootNodeThe root node holds the number of levels, the number of blocks in the root node and the number of frames
 CShaderDataThe ShaderData structure holds all the informations for the shader (strings for vertex, geometry, fragment shader and strings for separate glsl code used with glsl's include directive)
 CVolumeDataSourcePluginInterface for volume data sources
 CVolumeInformationProperties of the volumetric data
 CVersionInformation about the current LivreCore version