Livre  0.7.0
Largescale Interactive Volume Rendering Engine (Livre)

Livre (Large-scale Interactive Volume Rendering Engine) is an out-of-core, multi-node, multi-gpu, OpenGL volume rendering engine to visualise large volumetric data sets. It can be retrieved by cloning the source code.

It provides the following major features to facilitate rendering of large volumetric data sets:

  • Visualisation of pre-processed UVF format (source code) volume data sets.
  • Real-time voxelisation of different data sources (surface meshes, BBP morphologies, local-field potentials, etc) through the use of plugins.
  • Multi-node, multi-gpu rendering (Currently only sort-first rendering)

To keep track of the changes between releases check the changelog.


Known Bugs

Please file a Bug Report if you find new issues which have not already been reported in Bug Report page. If you find an already reported problem, please update the corresponding issue with your inputs and outputs.


The following platforms and build environments are tested:

  • Linux: Ubuntu 14.04, RHEL 6.5 (Makefile, x64)

The API documentation can be found on