Monsteer  0.4.0
Interactive Supercomputing - Monitoring and Steering for NEST simulations
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NmonsteerMONSTEER types
 CSteeringWidgetSimulation controller widget that receives the cell ids through zeq and can apply nest stimulation generators on selected cells using zeq
 CSimulatorSteering interface to the simulator of an experiment
 CSimulatorPluginBase interface for simulator steering plugins
 CSimulatorPluginInitDataInit data for SimulatorPlugin
 CSpikeReportReaderReader for Spike data
 CSpikeReportWriterWriter for spike data
 CSpikesAn iterable list of spikes over a time window, sorted by time
 Cconst_iteratorIterator for the Spikes container
 CVersionInformation about the current BrionMonsteerSpikeReport version
 CVersionInformation about the current MonsteerQt version