RESTBridge  0.2.0
A library that provides a simple way to expose a RESTinterfaceinaC++application
Release Notes


Welcome to RESTBridge, a library that provides an simple way to expose a REST interface in a C++ application.

Please file a Bug Report if you find any other issue with this release.


RESTBridge 0.2 (09-Nov-2015)

  • 43: Allow using existing publisher, remove zeroconf-based discovery
  • 26: RESTBridge can parse command line parameters
  • 23: Fix vocabulary to return all registered events, not only one

RESTBridge 0.1 (09-Jul-2015)

  • Vocabulary registration
  • Automatic and generic translation of REST requests into ZeroEQ event
  • Heart-beat mechanism between RESTBridge and host application
  • Support for PUT and GET REST verbs
  • Standalone sample application