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File load options


To load a Sonata data file and understand the options.

Start RTNeuron

Begin by starting RTNeuron, you can follow the instructions in Quickstart guide if needed.

Select the file to load

Click Browse in the dialog shown on screen to select the file you wish to load.

Visualization options

By selecting different options in the drop down box, you can change how your file will be shown in the 3D view. The options (with example images) are:


Selecting the Soma option will display only the somas in the 3D view. This is useful for quick visualizations not requiring dendrites or axons.


The Detailed option will display all geometry of the circuit including soma, axons, and dendrites.

No axon

The No axon option displays the same geometry as the Detailed option with the exception that axons are ommitted.



Currently it is not possible to load specific targets from Sonata data.


You can now visualize your Sonata data in different ways with RTNeuron!