Tide  1.0.0
A Tiled Interactive DisplayWall Environment
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oCAsyncImageLoaderLoad image thumbnails for supported content types
oCBackgroundWidgetSimple widget to edit and save background settings
oCBasicSynchronizerA basic synchronizer used for static content types
oCCachedDataSourceA data source which maintains a cache of the requested tiles
oCCommandLineOptionsCommand line options to pass startup parameters to a localstreamer application
oCCommandLineParametersParse command line parameters for the Tide application
oCContentAn abstract Content displayed in a ContentWindow
oCContentActionA content-specific action for use in QML by ContentActionsModel
oCContentActionsModelExposes the actions of a Content for viewing in a QML ListView
oCContentInteractionDelegateHandle user interaction with the Content of a ContentWindow
oCContentLoaderHelper class to open Content on a DisplayGroup
oCContentSynchronizerInterface for synchronizing QML content rendering
oCContentWindowA window for displaying Content on the Wall
oCContentWindowControllerController for moving and resizing windows
oCCoordinatesExposes the coordinates of a rectangle as QProperties for QML binding
oCDataProviderLoad image data in parallel
oCDataSourceBase interface for shared data sources
oCDisplayGroupA collection of ContentWindows
oCDisplayGroupControllerController for rescaling and adjusting DisplayGroup
oCDisplayGroupListWidgetA list view of a DisplayGroup's ContentWindows
oCDisplayGroupRendererRenders a DisplayGroup
oCDisplayGroupViewAn interactive graphical view of a DisplayGroup's ContentWindows
oCDockToolbarA Toolbar for the Dock
oCDynamicTextureA dynamically loaded large scale image
oCDynamicTextureContentThe Content object for a dynamically loaded large scale image
oCDynamicTextureSynchronizerA synchronizer which provides the list of Tiles for DynamicTextures
oCElapsedTimerSimple timer to mesures time differences
oCFFMPEGFrameA frame of an FFMPEG movie
oCFFMPEGMovieRead and play movies using the FFMPEG library
oCFFMPEGPictureA decoded frame of the movie stream
oCFFMPEGVideoFrameConverterConverts FFMPEG's AVFrame format to a data buffer of user-defined format
oCFFMPEGVideoStreamA video stream from an FFMPEG file
oCFileCommandHandlerHandle file Commands
oCImageAn interface to provide necessary image information for the texture upload and swap in TextureUploader
oCImageSynchronizerSynchronizer for simple images
oCLayoutEngineLayout engine for positionning windows on the wall
oCLodSynchronizerBase synchronizer for tiled contents with multiple levels of detail
oCLodTilerBase class to provide tiles for multi-LOD tiled data source
oCLodToolsTools to compute LOD pyramid data for a 2D tiled image
oCMarkersStore Markers to display user interaction
oCMasterApplicationThe main application for the Master process
oCMasterConfigurationManages all the parameters needed to setup the Master process
oCMasterFromWallChannelReceiving channel from the wall processes to the master application
oCMasterToForkerChannelSending channel from the master application to the forker process
oCMasterToWallChannelSending channel from the master application to the wall processes
oCMasterWindowThe main UI window for Master applications
oCMovieSynchronizerSynchronizes a Movie between different QML windows
oCMovieUpdaterUpdates Movies synchronously across different processes
oCMPIChannelHandle MPI communications between all Tide instances
oCMPIContextA global MPI context
oCMultitouchAreaA multipoint touch area to detect touch gestures on Qml objects
oCOptionsStores global display Options which can change during runtime
oCPDFSynchronizerSynchronize PDF content
oCPDFTilerRepresent a PDF document as a multi-LOD tiled data source
oCPixelStreamerInterface for Pixel Streamers
oCPixelStreamerFactoryFactory for PixelStreamers
oCPixelStreamerLauncherLaunch Pixel Streamers as separate processes
oCPixelStreamInteractionDelegateForward user actions to a deflect::Stream using Deflect events
oCPixelStreamSynchronizerSynchronizes a PixelStream between different QML windows
oCPixelStreamUpdaterSynchronize the update of PixelStreams and send new frame requests
oCPixelStreamWindowManagerHandles window creation, association and updates for pixel streamers, both local and external
oCProbeResultThe result of an MPIChannel::probe() operation
oCProcessForkerRun as a separate MPI process, listening to commands to fork new executables
oCQmlControlPanelA C++ interface to the QML control panel item
oCQmlWindowRendererProvide a Qml representation of a ContentWindow on the Wall
oCQtImageImage wrapper for QImage
oCQuadLineNodeA line quad to draw rectangle borders
oCQuickRendererRenders the QML scene from the given window using QQuickRenderControl onto the surface of the window and synchronizes the swapBuffers() with all other wall processes
oCRenderControllerSetup the scene and control the rendering options during runtime
oCSessionCommandHandlerHandle session Commands
oCStateA state is the collection of opened contents which can be saved and restored using this class
oCStatePreviewA state preview is a thumbnail image saved alongside a state file
oCStateSerializationHelperHelper class to store a session to a state file and restore it later
oCStreamImageImage wrapper for a pixel stream image
oCSVGSynchronizerSynchronize SVG content
oCSVGTextureFactoryRenders an svg document into a texure using hardware antialiasing
oCSVGTilerReprensent an SVG image as a multi-LOD tiled data source
oCTestPatternRender a test pattern to help setup and debug the display configuration
oCTextureNodeA node with a double buffered texture
oCTextureUploaderA class responsible for uploading pixel data from CPU memory to GPU memory using a PixelBufferObject
oCTileQml item to render an image tile with texture double-buffering
oCTiledSynchronizerA base synchronizer used for tiled content types with optional LOD
oCToolbarButtonA simple button for the DockToolbar
oCVectorialContentBase class for vectorial content types
oCVisibilityHelperHelper to determine the visible parts of windows on the wall
oCWallApplicationThe main application for Wall processes
oCWallConfigurationManages all the parameters needed to setup a Wall process
oCWallFromMasterChannelReceiving channel from the master application to the wall processes
oCWallToMasterChannelSending channel from a wall process to the master application
oCWallToWallChannelCommunication channel between the Wall processes
oCWebbrowserCommandHandlerHandle webbrowser Commands
oCWebbrowserWidgetDialog for opening a new webbrowser window
oCWebkitAuthenticationHelperHandle HTTP authentication requests for a QWebView
oCWebkitHtmlSelectReplacerSubstitutes all <select> elements on a webpage by equivalent HTML lists
oCWebkitPixelStreamerStream webpages with user interaction support
oCZoomHelperA helper class to convert zoom rectangle to and from scene coordinates
\CZoomInteractionDelegateHandle user interaction with a zoomable content