Tide  1.1.0
A Tiled Interactive DisplayWall Environment

Release 1.1 (30-06-2016)

  • 48: Prevent users from opening a file multiple times.
  • 47: Loading and saving sessions no longer block the wall interface.
  • 46: Improved Launcher:
    • The creation and caching of file thumbnails is more efficient.
    • File thumbnails are displayed with their correct aspect ratio. Session preview images are of better quality (no longer pixelated).
  • 39: Expose usage statistics to the REST interface for monitoring [DISCL-318].
  • 38: Fix a segfault that occured when opening grayscale images.
  • 36: The options can be modified from the Launcher panel.
  • 34: The options can be retrieved and modified through the REST interface.
  • 30: The contents can now be shown in fullscreen mode
  • 28: Simplify window interaction [DISCL-320]. This change makes interacting with contents more natural and intuitive:
    • No differences between windows in presentation mode vs. regular mode
    • A glow effect highlights windows which have the focus (capture touch events).
    • Regular windows always move by default; tapAndHold to get focus and zoom in.
    • Webbrowsers and interactive streamers always have focus; move using borders.
    • Resizing always preserves aspect ratio by default; tapAndHold any resize handle to change the aspect ratio of compatible contents (images and webbbrowsers).
    • The one-to-one button (1:1) also resets the zoom level.
    • Other minor improvements.
  • 24: Bugfix: Correctly setup Webbrowser proxy from 'http_proxy' ENV VAR
  • 23: Replaced the Dock with a new Qml Launcher and a side control panel to open it [DISCL-313] and [DISCL-316]. The Launcher improves the user experience and navigation with a grid view for files and sessions.
  • 22: Detect TapAndHold with the mouse
  • 21: Bugfix: avoid setting ContentSize to zero on empty deflect::SizeHints event
  • 18: Added side buttons to change PDF pages and navigate browser history
  • 15: Fix several issues with the touch events, including for Deflect streamers.
  • 14: Detect two-fingers swipe gestures [DISCL-356]. Swipe left and right to navigate through PDF pages and Webbrowser history.
  • 12: Added a basic REST interface with support for open/load/save commands.

Release 1.0 (07-04-2016)